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7/21/07 03:54 am - heartxlines

your stomachs filled up but you're starved for conversation
youre spending all your nights growing old in your bed
and you're tearing up your photos 'cause you want to forget..
it's over.

7/16/07 11:01 am - godlovesugly525

We’re never gonna feel as full as we felt
So let's go outside and we'll play "William Tell"

7/15/07 12:36 am - punkydudeychick

And I'm not imagining how you give me the shivers

7/13/07 02:24 am - heartxlines

i am actually a div.

7/12/07 06:31 pm - truth_decay

cause you can't keep a secret when it never was a secret to start

7/11/07 01:53 am - madfits

don't be that note i can't hold.
don't be that joke that i told and told til it got old.
don't be that hand around my throat so i can't breathe.
you say you're my friend
but why won't you be my family?


7/11/07 02:09 pm - stalkertype

and we wouldn't let you in,
though we're down and out..
we don't want what isn't ours.

7/10/07 02:33 pm - ambiguousreason

and by the summer of '96
her body was cracked like porcelain
just like some precious moments collectible
in a hospital gown and a big bright golden halo

7/10/07 07:05 pm - heartxlines

If we don’t have any heroics we may just get out of here
And home to your families by dinner time safely and soundly sleeping
Cause we don’t want trouble, we’ll take what we came for and we’ll leave quiet
Or maybe we will tear you up, take what you love, and burn it down, and burn it down

7/9/07 01:50 pm - visi0nary

but when i say let's keep in touch,
i hope you know i mean i wish that you'd grow up.
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